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d u a l i t y

One side and his opposite

Dark and bright
shadow beyond light
day or night

Up to down
left against right

Young to be old
past stopping the future
the present of those lines
meeting each other without touching

The symmetry of the daily things,
straight and twisted lines:
the two faces of reality

Stillness and movement
wave awakening
from the slept ocean

Doors opened and doors closed

Life and death
the sun and the moon,
me… and the others

This is d u a l i t y,
this is how i look at the world


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Time For The Winners

This love is dead

cause you were within

and now

you are completely out,

out of the Space

out of the World

out of the Universe.

This heartrending pain is

under the thin skin

under the fingernails

and the eyelashes,

looking at my pupils thoughtfully.

Your words have no sense now.

They were deep arrows before

straight to soft heart,

as faster as the sliding blood.

This love is dead

cause there`s nothing to talk about

and everything is already talked… donedead

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